About Us

Healthcare Logistics offers a comprehensive range of services, primarily to healthcare organisations and organisations geared for active ageing, that want to transition to a cost-effective, patient-centred care model through the use of IT-based technology.

Established in 2005 as a support organisation to assist in the implementation and support of healthcare solutions within state owned hospitals and health centres, Healthcare Logistics has since then invested heavily in resources to permit the provision of a wide range of services.

Since 2005, Healthcare Logistics has been involved in projects that bring together various international Health IT players, for the implementation and integration of systems. Healthcare Logistics is today one of the leading local organisations in implementing and supporting IT based solutions to both public and private healthcare organisations.

Our Team of highly dedicated professionals bring a wealth of experience based on many years working in the Healthcare IT domain. The Team comprises Clinicians, Medical Lab Specialists, IT Professionals and Management Consultants, whose combined knowledge and experience are rarely found within a single local organisation. We fully understand both the clinical and business processes that drive modern IT-enabled Healthcare organisations and also the importance of using IT-based technology as a driver to cut costs and simultaneously provide a better service to patients.

Our primary focus on Healthcare IT implies that all our resources are centred around one, clearly defined business vertical with little overhead. This permits Healthcare Logistics to remain competitive whilst still providing a top-class service to our clients.

We firmly believe that our value lies in the quality of our human resources and we are proud of the people that make up the organisation today.